LOU BARLOW/Sentridoh Live at Origami Vinyl (Video) and SEBADOH NEW ALBUM news round-up

Lou Barlow performed a special solo set at Origami Vinyl in L.A. on March 21st, to support the reissue of his first Sebadoh/Sentridoh album Weed Forestin’ to a packed and reverent crowd.

Musician, video-maker and band friend Adam Harding was there to shoot it, Lou handwrote the titles, and voila, here’s a video from this special performance…freshly uploaded at Lou’s house LAST NIGHT.

Here’s eight tracks from the most excellent Weed Forestin’ album, which Pitchfork recently anointed with an 8.2 rating. Weed Forestin’, it must be said, really is a special album. Go buy it. Watch the majesty here:

In other, ridiculously exciting news for indie rock fans the universe over, Sebadoh have been recording their first new music in 14 years. [Insert Kermit-like arm-waving yelling here.]

Lou, Jason Loewenstein and drummer Bob D’Amico converged last week at Lou’s rehearsal space in Glendale and house in Silverlake, and began to hash out the basics of eleven songs, at Warp Factor Woah This is Going Awesomely Speed.

I’ve been talking to the band throughout the week and without giving anything away, can say that there’s an enormity of exciting things coming down the pipeline. Not the least of which is new Sebadoh music – something I think a lot of us weren’t sure we’d ever see happen again.

On Friday, Lou described the time as one of the most creatively fulfilling weeks in his life. He’s excited about the songs, excited about how well the collaborating has been going. “I can’t tell you how great this week has been,” he wrote. “Actually, I just did.”

Sebadoh will reconvene  in May following Lou’s solo acoustic tour of Australia, to continue work on the new album. Stay tuned here, as always,  for more details on when/where/how etc.

For those of you not following on Twitter (@RealSeBADoh, @TheLouBarlow, @J_Loewenstein), or at Jakerock.com, herewith a roundup of the recording from Lou and Jason…click on the links to see pics that Jason’s taken along the way.

  • Lou: i just realized it’s been 14 , count ’em, years since sebadoh recorded an album..we start a new one tomorrow..
  • Jason: First sebadoh recording session in 13 years begins today! Well.. for me and Bob it does. Me, Bob and the Jakerock Mobile Recording Unit are headed to los angeles to record in lou’s rehearsal spot for the next 10 days… Good times!
  • Lou: sebadoh LP day 1:wife and kids airport@4am,set up studio @10, sick bob clinic@1,mudrock’s 4 gear@2 (tnx!), computer
    Seabdoh in studio, pic by Jason Loewenstein/jakerock.com fucks up@7-no music tday
  • Jason: Band Meeting! Discussing a very hands on approach to the release of the recordings now in progress….
  • Jason: Day two of tracking / learning lou’s tunes… tech problems first day… now have basics for one song, learning #2…
  • Lou: sebadoh new LP day 2 : jake’s presonus fp10 computer recording interface boxes aren’t talking to each other.. help….@ 10 dreaded Guitar Center run t remedy puter prob,@ 1 prob solved!@ 7 my song #1 in place! @8 bob makes delicious dinner
  • Lou: sebadoh LP day 3: atwater farmers mkt for papusas,song #2 done by 3, do #1 again-tuned to D#+slower- jason intros #3, epic drop C-done by 6 momentum gained , jason intros #4 @ 6, then across the yard for a Thai New Year feast with @indiegodess
  • Jason: Sebadoh recording, day four. We think we have basic tracks for three songs now, and at this pace there should be two more today.  We have benefitted greatly from having toured a bunch last year. Pretty darn efficient, and also we are getting a very “human” vibe. Not going robotic with any aspect. Sounds like much earlier times in the band.
  • Lou: sebadoh LP day 4: jake’s #4 is loose math rock but for his soulful vox , Rush is referenced.. my #5 is heavy strumming and pounding toms..#5 finished by 5..then work on my #6..Rush loving bandmates puzzle over -my- odd timing hah! work till 9 then wine
  • Jason: Song 5 (lou #3) basics done!
  • Jason: Sebadoh day five… good morning rockers! Heading back to the studio… song six was @ 95% when we left last night,  so should get it pretty quick.
  • Lou: sebadoh LP day 5: finish my 50’s song #6 jake’s song ‘can’t live without my drugs’ #7 ironic cause this is the first ever sober seb record…#7 killed #8 my flimsiest song idea yet,takes shape in an hour w/ bob and jakes attention-feels miraculous
  • Jason: Sebadoh recording session… song #7 basics done! Song #3 from jake
  • Lou (to another on Twitter): it’s good that we sober, believe me.. drugs have narrow benefits, best left to the young and healthy who can sustain damage
    Sebadoh, pic by Mikala Taylor/backstagerider.com
  • Lou: sebadoh record day 6:confusing armenian xperience 4 blunch #8 readdressed + done,#9 old jakerock song done , my bass part sucks-fix later
  • [BSR note: Lou to me on Twitter: a word for an unofficial brunch @BackstageRider breakfast/lunch BLUNCH!! what people who don’t have to get up early eat everyday]
  • Jason: Sebadoh recording … day six… backing up song #8! Lou tune. In 6/8!
  • Jason: Sebadoh recording… day 7...Left the studio last night with song 10 @90% ready. From today onward Lou’s busy schedule is going to make for some short working hours. I am going to go  find a guru.
  • Lou: sebadoh record day 7: hungover from night 6 wineage, retry #10 why are the simplest songs the hardest? gotta get the ‘feel’ right that’s why…we get the feel for #10 at 2 pm ..then we stop so i can practice for my solo show that night at the cemetary
  • [BSR note: Jason and Bob go to the comedy/gig… and Jason says he was “proud to know Lou” after seeing him perform solo.]
  • Jason: Sebadoh recording: song 10 (jake) in the can. Bob is the man.
  • Lou: sebadoh LP day 8: start #11, my only song with a title: ‘let it out’ , it’s quiet, brushes on plastic chair percussion , typical ‘me’ song…jason and bob lock the #11 rhythm/bass down- i shop for easter, wife and kids return today, gotta clean the house.
  • Lou: sebadoh LP day 10: we took day 9 off so i could prepare for family arrival , we’re off till session 2 in late may..11 ‘basics’ in the can’

Soon Bob and Jason return to Brooklyn, Lou prepares to fly off to Oz…but next month, oh, next month, Sebadoh starts this new music recording thing all over again. And for that, we’re all thankful. \m/

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