The Scoop on the GRANDADDY Reunion – from the mouth of Jason Lytle (+ solo album news)

Dear Music Journalists: Jason Lytle, lead singer of Grandaddy doesn’t really want you to contact him.

See, even though the much-loved and beardy California rockers announced they’d be doing a few shows at festivals this past week – their first in half-a-dozen years – Jason’s not really into making a big deal about it. Or any deal about it. He’d rather be outside climbing something, biking some trails or working on his new solo platter, instead of talking to bloggers about Jeddy 3 and the Sophtware Slump.

But he likes me. For some reason.
I caught up with Jason today and here is his gift to us, the real scoop. But sorry, folks, don’t expect a full tour or proper full-on reunion:

“The bargain I made myself regarding the ‘brief reunion and couple of shows’ situation was that I wasn’t gonna talk too much about it. I was just gonna stew on it , and then do it. That’s the good thing about festivals. No need for me to sell anything here. Get in …rock out…get paid….get out. There are just going to be a few shows. Festival-type thingys….Perhaps the odd ‘warm up gig’ in someone’s hair salon or something.

Money was a motivating factor (resurfacing my indoor tennis court, oil change for my 4×4 Ferrari) but the idea of playing and hanging out with each other is something all of the guys are pretty stoked about.”

So that’s about it, on Grandaddy. Makes me wanna open a hair salon. (Oh and just to clarify, Jason Lytle doesn’t really have an indoor tennis court or a Ferrari, but he may need some dosh to repair his Martin guitar after United Airlines “almost murdered” it.)

Wish I had better news for those outside the Grandaddy Limited Run Festival Hot Zone.

OH BUT I DO! There will be new Jason Lytle solo music this summer! Huzzah! Says Jason: “My new solo is done and ready to master as well and should be out July/August. It’s called Department of Disappearance. There’s 10-ish songs and it’s kinda epic-sounding at times.”

EPIC LYTLE? I’ll take that. And now it’s time to get outside. Or on a plane. Coincidentally, I’m sitting at a United Airlines gate right now, heading off to San Francisco, and all of their systems are down. Thankfully I do not have a Martin to get murdered, but wish me some serious luck anyway.

Oh and Jason? Thanks. \m/

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