Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman put on a unique three-hour performance in Vancouver on November 6 at the Vogue Theatre, as the only Canadian stop on the “An Evening With Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman” West Coast tour.

The funny, sweet and remarkable show included odes to the house Palmer grew up in, Judy Blume, Lady Gaga, Joan of Arc and the small guitar thing known as the ukulele. It included an intense “Runs in the Family” from Who Killed Amanda Palmer? There were both “I’ll Be My Mirror” (from the 8 in 8 Project) AND “I’ll Be Your Mirror” a cover of the Velvet Underground classic. There was a hilarious take on
Neil and Amanda, pic by Wayne Höecherl the Peter Cook/Dudley Moore sketch, “Jump, You Fucker Jump” (which was dedicated to actor Jeremy Geidt “even though he isn’t here to know that we’ve dedicated it to him.”). There was a brilliant Neil-done version of “Psycho” by Leon Payne (“You think I’m psycho, don’t you mama?”). And there were tears when Amanda dedicated her Death Cab for Cutie cover “I Will Follow You Into the Dark” to 23-year-old Ashlie Gough, who died at the Occupy Vancouver camp of an overdose.

There were poems and short stories, some never read live before and some exceptional (“Feminine Endings” – about a human statue, a story Neil sent to Amanda when he’d learned that she used be a human statue, “Before You Read This”, “Instructions”, “Orange” and Amanda’s chilling “Broken Heart Stew” among them.) And there was the EPIC and essential “Ukulele Anthem”, plus lots of kissin’ and lovin’ between the married performers on stage. And if that wasn’t enough? Thanks for flashin’ us your Australia flag underwear, AFP!

In other words, extraordinary. \m/

Enjoy the photos – all by Wayne Höecherl.

And don’t forget to check out the exclusive BackstageRider photo shoot with Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer, too!

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