Incredible sense of deja vu (and depression at the reality of my age) at the Tasseomancy/Young Galaxy/Austra gig the other night.

I mean, I was there the FIRST time that awesome Canadian new wave music made the rounds. LOVED it then. All the weirdo indie bands? The Spoons? Martha & The Muffins (“Echo Beach” era)? “Images in Vogue? Moev? Blue Peter? Platinum Blonde? Chalk Circle? Loved.

And okay, while the twins in Tasseomancy (Sari and Romy Lightman, who are also in Austra) sort of offer up the more modern/experimental Quiet Coco Rosie thing, Young Galaxy and Austra – possibly two of the best new bands in Canada – now totally OWN the early 80s synth darkwave thing.

And live? It even includes the sort of go-away-come-back-push-up-to-the-sky goth dancing!

Now I don’t mean to be musically reductionist. The music I loved then is the music I get to love again now, only it’s new. With a twist. Stunning vocals, looping layers, shoegaze and groove…. Yeah – this was a a triple bill of supersexy. Check out Austra’s Feel It Break and Young Galaxy’s Shapeshifting, now.

Right, off to sharpen my black eyeliner and remind myself how to draw Siousxie cat eyes. \m/

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