SEBADOH Wedding Proposal: With Help From the BackstageRider!

A few nights ago I got an email from Adam Edwards in Baltimore, who said that he and his girlfriend Sabrina had bonded over Sebadoh and he wanted to propose to her at the show in Baltimore on November 10. Could I help? Hell yeah, I could. I’m a hopeless romantic. So I told Adam I would try and sort something out. I rang up Lou Barlow, told him the story (he was initially concerned: “OH GOD! But what if she says no? That would be AWFUL!”) and convinced him to stop being a bloody fatalist and make it happen. I connected Adam and Lou and they sorted out what would happen….and this is what happened. I had no idea Adam would also thank me, but it’s very, very sweet. Thanks to Lou and Sebadoh for being awesome, of course. But then, they always are. CONGRATULATIONS Adam and Sabrina!!! \m/

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