Photos: HENRY ROLLINS! OFF! FUCKED UP! at DINOSAUR JR’s “Bug” show in NYC (Part 1 of 2)

Damian, Fucked Up, pic by Chris Gersbeck

Back in April, Dinosaur Jr announced that they’d be hitting (part of) the road out east and would play their classic ’88 album Bug in its entirety. They’d be joined along the way by Keith Morris’ new punk gig OFF! (whom I shot and raved about a few months ago), Toronto punks Fucked Up! and you know that guy from Black Flag? Henry Rollins? Yeah, him. He’d be interviewing J. Mascis, Lou Barlow and Murph on stage.

Around that point in time I gave the east coast a mighty green-with-envy-tinted jealous raised middle finger. “Sod you, you lucky, lucky bastards!” I yelled across the North American expanse. And then I wrote to Damian Abraham, lead singer and mighty beast from Fucked Up!  and asked him – he’s a MASSIVE Dino Jr fan – how he was feeling about being appointed and anointed for some dates on this tour. His response: “Pretty fucking stoked. I feel spoilt because I have seen Dinosaur Jr three times last year but this will be so sick!”. Yeah. Siiiiiick!

But good things come to those who plot. So I planned a tag-team event with Chris Gersbeck, a fab photog out in New York City who runs one of my fave new blogs, and who contacted me during Sebadoh’s North American tour. Chris and I made a deal: I’d get him into the gig in Terminal 5 in NYC on June 23rd for the Bug show, and he’d shoot the show for both of us. And so he did. And he said it killed. (Bastard.)

Once you’ve had a peep through this AMAZING gallery, be sure to check out‘s entirely different set of pics and full story!

And in Part 2, check out a mega set of Dinosaur Jr live shots from the same night. ROCK. \m/

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