PHOTO GALLERY: Trentemøller kicks off North American tour

Superstar DANISH DJ, here we go!

Ridiculously excited to shoot and see a fellow Dane, least of all the wicked cool knob-twiddler who knows that live shows for electro DJs should be about filling out sounds and filling the room, not about punching a Mac. Velkommen igen, Trentemøller!

Anders Trentemøller brought a five-piece band, a Moog theremin player (the fab Dorit Chrysler), a set from last year’s Coachella (which we nicknamed “the rising wall of hanging bacon”) to a smallish club in Vanland last week to launch his latest tour, and it was brilliant.

Playing a variety of chilled electro, wizzy disco, bangers and some shoulda-been-James-Bond-theme-songs, Trentemøller’s started his set behind the wall of strips, before the wall came down, and the choons came up.  Present and accountable were “Shades of Marble”, a liquid “Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go!”, “Moan”, “Take Me Into Your Skin” and “Miss You”, plus a bunch of shiny, happy people, not the least of which Anders himself, who had the look of “fuck yeah, our first show didn’t suck! In fact, it quite OWNED” on his face. And indeed, it so did. Check the pics. \m/

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