O.N.E. Yeasayer Remix – Bass by Master Control

Anand Wilder, Yeasayer, backstagerider.com  photoBrooklyn meejah darlings Yeasayer today confirmed that their new single off of Oddblood will be another one of those really good “oooeeeeooooeeeooo” tracks, “Madder Red”. It’s actually a good pick…it’s a fab song, and nice to hear Anand Wilder getting in. They’ve also announced a bucketload more tour dates (particularly in the UK), which will likely see the gang touring until, oh, the end of time. And we already know they’re pretty damn good in the live department. aster Control Program

So all this exciting news reminded me to share with you a remix of the band’s “O.N.E” that myseriously landed on my desk. And it’s one I guarantee you’ve not yet heard. It’s by a Vancouver DJ going by the nom de mix Master Control Program – he’s got a fetish for bass. And drums. And drum n’ bass. But he also likes his fair share of wooshy plinky pew-pew stuff. That’s technical speak, folks.

This remix is a slow build of goodness. All the falsetto happens towards the end. And it’ll have you headbobbing.

Have a listen or download and don’t say I don’t never give you stuff for free. \m/

O.N.E. (Bass by Master Control) by MCP

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