Florence and the Machine Video: Dog Days Are Over (Live)

Florence Welch, Florence & The Machine, backstagerider.com photoFlorence Welch from the UK’s Florence and the Machine is a bit of a marvellous performer. She’s all StevieNicks/Siouxsie/theatreluvvy with a cracking set of pipes and the type of energy that can only come from a mid-20s-year-old who’s truly having the time of her life. You want to love Florence. And you do. This is from Flo’s first-ever visit to Vancouver (“I saw the mountains today and ate sushi and had my hair done. It’s brilliant here, we really love it, we really do”, she chirped) and it’s quite amazing how jubliant the crowd was.

Watch through the whole clip (it goes quiet-bonkers-quiet-bonkers) to get an idea. When it all goes off (sorry the sound isn’t fabulous) I was standing rock still and nobody was jostling me. So the bouncing is actually from…the floor.

As I am fond of saying: “Go see.” \m/

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