Rock Hand of The Month: WOODHANDS


A Woodhand! Doing a Rock Hand! GEDDIT?

All hail Paul Banwatt from Woodhands, throwing the horns, just for you. The sweat on his Star Trek shirt evidence of a night of carnage as Toronto’s finest 80s/electro danceband played to a lustful Biltmore crowd in Vancouver this past weekend, the first show of their Canadian/US tour. Q Magazine last year anointed them (“them” being Paul and Dan Werb) among the best new bands in the world, and that’s saying something because Q Magazine is printed on nice, glossy paper and comes from London, England.

In other words, they are the shit.

The duo are like a little less than a third of Hot Chip (a Hot Chip off the old block. GEDDIT?), all Revenge of the Nerds-stylee. They know how to rock a keytar, insert “It’s Tricky” and Rockwell’s “Somebody’s Watching Me” into dance songs and make you want to shake your ass. Which you want to do, right? Go see them, they’re on tour now: \m/

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